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................Welcome to the World of Spanking...............

................Welcome to the World of Spanking...............

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Party Time

Thursday 20th September is the date of the next 2Kings party. This is a Lingerie themed party, so be prepared for stockings and suspenders, and other frillies, which the girls will likely shed during the course of the evening. So far the line up of girls is Spankeefinder listed Sally, together with Frankie and Maxine, and new girl Lexi.

This is a switch party, so any gentlemen who are so inclined, can experience some punishment for themselves. Switching is not compulsory!

Further details will be found on the 2Kings website.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Party Time!

News of two parties coming up shortly.

2Kings are having a Switch party on Thursday 19th April, with Spankeefinder listed Donna, with Rebecca and Sally. Note this is a switch party so it is a matter of 'give and take' so to speak.

Donna getting ready for action

The next Bottoms Up party is being held on Thursday 3rd May. There are no less than six spankees at this party, including Spankeefinder listed party organiser Leia, Red, and Donna, with Nikita, Wynter and Aleesha. Six lovely ladies to give you an action packed afternoon. 

Cold caning for party organiser Leia
Bottoms Up parties are based on a format of mini 1to1s with all the spankees, and have the unique start to proceedings of Leia taking a cold (yes, cold!) 'six-of-the-best'  caning from each of the gentlemen present.

For further details of these parties, Just click on the party name, or for more details of  Spankeefinder listed spankees taking part, just click on their names.

Friday, 23 March 2018

New to Spankeefinder

We welcome Katharina Krieger to Spankeefinder listings. Katharina is a highly experienced and capable switch, and gentlemen are guaranteed to enjoy the time they spend with her.

As a spankee Katharina can be coquettish and delightfully spankable, as a domme she can be strictness itself, and fulfills both roles with practised expertise.

The Roving Spanker recommends the delightful Ms Krieger to all discerning gentlemen.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

It's Party Time

 Never been to a spanking party? Well there is nothing to worry about, and you will be just as welcome as a regular partygoer. Let the organiser know that this is your first time and every effort will be made to put you at ease, and see you get a good time. Nervous of spanking someone in front of others? Remember that everyone at the party wants you to have a good time, and the ladies will do everything to help you enjoy yourself.

The next Bottoms Up party is in just a week's time on the 22nd March. With a denim and gingham theme and an outstanding line up of ladies, this is not to be missed. No less than 5 of the 6 ladies at the party are Spankeefinder listed. There will be party organiser Leia, Red, Donna, Melissa and Sugar, together with the lovely Katharina.

BU Party Organiser - Leia

There is a choice of venues for the next two Stinging Tails parties. Both events will be celebrating Danielle's birthday, and you can be assured that when it comes to spanking there will be 'many happy returns'. The party on the 7th April is in Birmingham and will have Spankeefinder listed Danielle and Chloe, together with new girl Amber. The party on the 11th April is in London and features Spankeefinder listed Danielle together with Rebecca and Jessica. 


Friday, 23 February 2018

Party Time ........

Stinging Tails is having a French Maid themed party in Bristol on Friday 2nd March. Another superb afternoon of discipline with hand, leather and cane.

Click on Stinging Tails to obtain full information about the event.

These parties are hosted by Spankeefinder listed Danielle, with guest spankees Josephine and Marta.

Danielle is ready for punishment

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

50 Shades of .....What Exactly?

Here at Spankeefinder we don't often review books or videos. This month we were shown a copy of "Fifty Shades of Reality" a book written by Cheeky Little Bottom a previously listed spankee on Spankeefinder.

When a title says "Fifty Shades" of just about anything, except the famous trilogy written by E L James, there is more than a hint of 'climbing on the bandwagon'.

The book consists a very brief accounts of scenarios with fifty different spanking clients. Spankers may find the descriptions all too brief with hardly any detail of actual spanking. Nevertheless it has been found to be amusing to 'vanilla' readers.

There are a large number of photographs of the very pretty Cheeky Little Bottom herself, with a glowing pink bottom.

Would we recommend it? For experienced hands-on spankers, the written prose, and occasional verse, is probably rather lightweight, but for the book reading public that fancy something a bit different, it could be an entertaining read.

BUT BUT BUT BUT  ..............

For you keen spankers, there is a 20 minute video, freely available on the internet, which stars Cheeky Little Bottom. Without doubt when it comes to hand spanking this video has first class action even if the video quality has suffered over time. This video is action packed with medium to hard hand spanking, with a little paddling thrown in. Cheeky Little Bottom, wherever you are today, our thanks for making that spanking video.

To view this video, click on the link below     

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Party Time - Stinging Tails 2nd Feb

There's late news of a Stinging Tails party taking place on Friday 2nd Feb at Waltham Abbey. Stinging Tails parties are usually in Bristol or Birmingham, so it's an opportunity for those nearer the London area to catch the flavour of a Stinging Tails party.


The party line up is Spankeefinder listed Danielle, together with Jessica and Rebecca.

For further details click on Stinging Tails to go straight to their website.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Spankables - Al Fresco

Here are a selection of spankables set in the great outdoors

Dark hair, dusky complexion, tan lines and exotic setting all make for a stunning pose

A brave young lady bares her bottom in freezing conditions

Sporty kit, bare bottom ready for action

Super pose, very spankable bottom, pity about the background

Arty pose with smooth tanned skin against rugged stone, but why the cigarette?

Cute compact bottom on the path to a spanking

This delighful image is from an old glamour magazine

Friday, 19 January 2018

Party Time - Bottoms Up 8th Feb

BottomsUp have their first partry of 2018 on Thursday 8th February, at a South London venue, starting at 12 noon.

Leia-Ann Woods, party organiser

The theme of this party is secretaries, so expect some prim (and not-so-prim) outfits. The gentlemen will be invited to administer some office discipline by way of firm hand and leather implement in the usual unique BottomsUp format of mini 1to1, with each of the six secretaries attending. Given how badly behaved these secretaries have been, the gentlemen will no doubt find it necessary to administer six-of-the-best with the cane to each of them.  

Miss Red - and indeed she will be!

Also unique to BottomsUp, as usual the event gets off the a lively start with party organiser, Leia-Ann Woods taking a cold caning from each of the gentlemen present. 

The six lovely secretaries for this party are Spankeefinder listed Leia-Ann Woods, Red and Rosie, together with Wynter, Rebecca and Nikita.

While this is mainly a party for gentlemen wishing to spank the ladies, there will be an opportunity for those gentlemen who wish to switch to do so later in the afternoon.

Click on 'BottomsUp' link to visit the party site, the 'Spankeefinder' link to visit our listings of spankees, or click on the ladies names linked above to view their Spankeefinder profile. 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Party Time - 2Kings

2Kings are the longest established parties in the London area, and are starting off 2018 with a naughty secretaries switch party on Tuesday 23rd at 6pm at a Docklands venue.

Office Discipline

2Kings are always lively parties with plenty of action. With more girls to come, the line up is Spankeefinder listed Sally and Nicky Montford, together with Frankie. Note this is a switch party, so there is the opportunity for the gentlemen to receive some punishment as well as give it.

Late for work again!

For further information just click on '2Kings' links, and for Spankeefinder listing click on Sally or Nicky Montford links.

Monday, 8 January 2018

It's Party Time!

The first party for 2018 is a Stinging Tails event in Birmingham on Thursday 18th January

The theme for the party is Naughty Nurses, and with Spankeefinder listed Danielle and Chloe as the nurses there will be a lot of naughtiness.


Stinging Tails parties take place in Birmingham and Bristol. This one will be well up to the usual high standard as Danielle and Chloe are always willing to bend over and  take their punishments. Just Click on 'Stinging Tails' at the head of this piece to visit the party website.